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Capital Gains Tax Valuations

Capital Gains Tax Valuations (ATO: Australian Taxation Office)

Should you rent/lease your property at any point in time, it no longer becomes your principal place of residence and is then considered an investment property and will be subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) from that point in time.

Quadrant can provide you with a fast reliable valuation from or at this point in time, which is recognised and accepted by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

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A Quadrant CGT valuation will prepare you and highlight your options with regard to the Capital gains you will be subject to in the future, this will place you in a position of control.

Should you wish to improve your investment property via renovations, additions or perhaps knocking down and rebuilding the entire house, your Capital Gains Tax can be minimised by choosing your renovations and improvements times carefully. Your accountant, solicitor or financial advisor can help you choose these times.

Quadrant can provide the appropriate Capital Gains Tax Valuation for you, whatever the situation, current or retrospectively backdated.

Quadrant can value your property in any market — current or past.

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