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Pre Sale Valuations

Anyone thinking of selling, should seriously consider a fully independent pre-sale valuation.  Real Estate Agents can offer free market opinions, however Real Estate Agents are advocates for yourself the vendor and have a vested interest, they have a commission based basis toward the goal of achieving the highest possible price and that is great.

Agents are just that, ‘Agents’, marketers, who have experience in advertising, marketing and negotiating the best price for your property.  They do this best when the price is set appropriately not to scare off potential purchasers or create a stigma or let it become stale.

Anyone looking at selling, often will get three (3) free opinions from agents, these will be three (3) opinions offered, three (3) opinions with a vested interest.  Agents are all well aware they will be competing against each other for your business.

The average property today is now over $1,000,000.  At an agent commission rate at 2%, will now equate to $20,000 + GST. $22,000 commission alone.  That’s a fair incentive if you imagine an hourly rate.

A good and great agent can be worth their weight in gold, as a valuer a great agent is worth every cent of their commission and more in my opinion.  A good agent, not a great agent, may list 1 in 3, a great agent will list and sell them all.  A great agent is not intimidated by an independent valuer, he is an informed agent, an uniformed agent may not know the difference between a bank assessor, a compliance report or why a purchaser may have had their finance fall through and not proceed with a sale, the bad agent will be on the back foot, reactive or defensive.

As much as we like to please our clients, as fixed fee independent valuer’s from as little as a few hundred dollars, we have no incentive or interest in inflating figures.    An additional non vested independent opinion may place you in a significantly more enlightened position when selling possibly your most prized asset.

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