api valuers sydney

We are registered API valuers

Australian Property Institute Valuers Sydney and NSW.

Quadrant Real Estate Valuations are active Fellow Members of the governing body the A.P.I (Australian Property Institute) and are bound by a strict code of ethics.

We provide fully independent valuations and property assessments for all situations. Quadrant has various easy-to-read and interpret valuation and assessment formats tailored to the client’s individual needs.

Quadrant provides valuations and property reports for a number of clients, including Private, Legal and Accountancy firms, Surveyors, Government departments, The Courts, domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Retail sectors.

We are qualified in expert evidence for legal matters requiring single party Expert reports, or the services of an Expert Witness in valuation matters and litigation before the Courts, with over 30 years of experience to draw on.

Why use us as Fellow API members (Australian Property Institute)

Property valuers are governed, registered and certified by the API ‘The Australian Property Institute’, and as such, API members are bound by a strict code of ethics.

The API ensures all levels of membership meet the regulatory requirements, including the mandatory CDP ‘Continued Professional Development’ system requiring members to acquire a minimum 20 CPD points each year, all achieved by API run and certification courses, seminars/webinars, topical property related events and ongoing training.

This all ensure members stay up to date with the latest news, market information, current methods, procedures and valuer’s best practice.

The API membership level system, indicated by post nominals from Student, Provisional/PAPI, Associate/AAPI to Fellow FAPI, provides clients with a sense of comfort, that at a minimum the valuer and API member they have selected, has met the predetermined guidelines and level of training indicated by their membership level to be considered appropriately API qualified to conduct the valuation task you may have requested of them. This includes the API’s internal CPD program, training, insurance requirements and level of expertise all required to be completed prior to  membership renewal annually.

Without the use of a certified API member, it is possible for an Agent or anyone completely unqualified off the street, to market themselves via a web site as a valuer, charge you for some type of letter or so-called fraudulent report purporting to be a valuation, which in fact is nothing more than a piece of paper/’s or e-mail with a figure on it.  The use or attempted use of such reports apart from being rejected by the ATO, OSR, the Courts, particularly in the private sector may be considered misleading and deceptive conduct and often there is little or no recourse on the person whom or the business that you engaged in good faith, unknowingly for such misrepresentations.

Quadrant’s Valuers are active Fellow members of the API.  Fellow membership of the API requires a strictly governed inclusion level of membership, as API Fellow members do not exceed 12% of its total valuer member base Australia wide.  This should offer you further piece of mind, that you are in good hands, given Fellow membership is not granted lightly and without good cause.

Our API valuers service all Sydney suburbs and throughout NSW.

Located in Sydney, Quadrant covers the entire Sydney metropolitan area with valuers servicing the Sydney CBD, Northern BeachesUpper and Lower North ShoreEastern SuburbsWestern Sydney and NSW wide on specific request.