As fixed fee independent valuer’s, we have no incentive or interest in conservative figures like finance compliance officers or inflating figures to gain your business.

Independent Property Valuers.


An independent valuation from us, with no vested interest, may place you in a significantly more enlightened position when selling possibly your most prized asset.
It is not until you have had your property listed for sale with your chosen agent, often just past the halfway point of your agency agreement (commonly 6 weeks). with the property not sold and no genuine interest, you can begin to question the asking price, your agent’s opinion and your original opinion and the marketing and interest or lack of, to that point.

Why an independent property valuation is important

Anyone thinking of selling should seriously consider a fully independent pre-sale valuation.

Real Estate Agents can offer free market opinion, however, Real Estate Agents are advocates for your the vendor and have a vested interest, they have a commission-based bias toward the goal of achieving the highest possible price and that is great.

Agents are just that, ‘Agents’, marketers, who have experience in advertising, marketing and negotiating the best price for your property.  They do this best when the price is set appropriately not to scare off potential purchasers or create a stigma or let it become stale.

Anyone looking at selling often will get three (3) free opinions from agents, these will be three opinions with a vested interest.  Agents are all well aware they will be competing against each other for your business. Independent valuers are not competing against anyone and their vested interest it not to gain a listing, but to perform and produce the most accurate valuation they can at the fixed fee.


Our licensed property valuers provide completely independent real estate valuations and assessments for all situations and property types including residentialcommercialindustrial, retail, accommodation, healthcare, and childcare. We offer easy-to-read and interpret valuation and assessment formats tailored to the client’s individual needs. Our Sydney valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute (API valuers) and are bound by a strict code of ethics.  We service all Sydney suburbs and throughout NSW.