Probate and Deceased Estate Valuations

Deceased estates and probate property settlements can often cause disputes between beneficiaries.

Probate settlements and deceased estate property valuers.


These properties if offered to market, are often well advertised, as ‘Deceased Estates’ or terms of a similar nature. It is, therefore no surprise they are well monitored by many opportunists.  It is not until months or even years later that the beneficiaries may learn the true value of the property.  Probate Valuations like Capital Gains Tax valuations can be backdated to Date of Death.
An independent property valuation establishes fair market value at a specific date.

Independent probate valuations you can trust.

As fixed fee, independent valuers, from as little as a few hundred dollars our probate valuers have no incentive or interest in conservative figures like finance compliance officers or inflating figures to gain your business.

Marketing campaigns can be incredibly costly and if the asking price is not in line with the market, it can be a complete waste of money and adversely impact the property.

An independent valuation from us with no-vested interest may place you in a significantly more enlightened position when selling possibly your most prized asset.


Our licensed property valuers provide completely independent real estate valuations and assessments for all situations and property types including residentialcommercialindustrial, retail, accommodation, healthcare, and childcare. We offer easy-to-read and interpret valuation and assessment formats tailored to the client’s individual needs. Our Sydney valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute (API valuers) and are bound by a strict code of ethics.  We service all Sydney suburbs and throughout NSW.