Independent Real Estate Valuations


Quadrant offers a number of independent and specific valuations services. Once the specific valuation purpose has been established, clients can order a valuation online with our online request form.

Rental Assessment & Determination

Quadrants rental valuations and determinations offer a fully independent assessment of the subject property for a range of people and purposes.

Insurance & Strata Valuations

Current legislation requires Strata Schemes, Strata Managers or the Owners corporation obtain regularly up to date building replacement and reinstatement insurance valuations from qualified valuers, under the Strata schemes management ACT 2015.

Probate Valuations

Our stamp duty and transfer duty valuations satisfy all requirements of the Office of State Revenue on property transfers and ownership Title changes.

Litigation Valuations

Quadrant are certified, litigation expert witness valuers who satisfy all requirements required by the Tribunals and Courts of Australia in legal matters requiring valuations and expert witness valuation reports and court appearances (NCAT, Admin Tribunal, Local, District, Federal Supreme and High Court of Australia).

Buyer and Seller’s Agent Valuations

Quadrant offers property buyers and sellers, agent and advocates services in all aspects of property transactions and dealings including price negotiation, auction representation and bidding, foreign buyer/seller’s agent, share buy-out negotiation, setting sale price targets and reserves, private sale representation and investment property sourcing.

Valuation Consultancy & Report

We offer property consultancy services, project management and planning services specialising in residential and small-medium commercial, industrial and retail of mixed projects, from a small residential renovation to complete commercial site purchase plan, build through to completion.