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Real estate valuations for buyer and seller’s agents Sydney and NSW.

Quadrant offers property buyers and sellers, agent and advocate services in all aspects of property transactions and dealings including:
  • Price negotiation
  • Auction representation and bidding
  • Foreign buyer/seller’s agent
  • Share buy-out negotiation
  • Setting sale price targets and reserves
  • Private sale representation
  • Investment property sourcing

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Our real estate valuations can take the stress out of property purchase decision-making

Buying or selling a property can be one the most stressful periods in anyone’s life.  Dealing with tactical agents or vendors as a purchaser can compound the process in cases.  These parties are attempting to gain the highest possible price from a purchaser for their vendor.

Furthermore, additional bonuses can be in place based on targets achieved above and beyond agreed prices.  This can make for significant compounded incentives for unethical commission-based practitioners. Tactics used in extreme cases, range from personality profiling, tailored emotional pressure, verbal misleading statements and hypothetical competition just to name a few.

Over the years Quadrant has seen and heard most if not all of the unethical incentive-based tactics and are sure to see new obscure tactics deployed by those looking to gain an edge in a transaction or attempt to deceive and mislead for financial gain.

If you have found the property or wish us to source a specific one for you, it may appear to be in your price range but you do not wish to deal with vendor or agent from start to finish or from the mid to endpoint of the dealing as is often the case when the negotiations to that point have been or turned toxic, it may have you thinking of walking away altogether, Quadrant can help complete the deal to your general satisfaction.

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Tel: (02) 9999 6582
Tel: (02) 9999 6582

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Quadrant Valuations Sydney

Quadrant Valuations are Sydney valuers specialising in valuations for the residential, strata, industrial and commercial property markets. We offer independent valuations and property assessments for all situations. We provide real estate value consultancy services for all property types along with a range of easy-to-read and interpret valuation reports tailored to the client’s individual needs. Importantly, we are members of the Australian Property Institute (A.P.I) and bound by a strict code of ethics.

Established in 1980 and with a head office in Sydney, our highly experienced valuers covers the entire Sydney metropolitan area including the Sydney CBD, Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney and NSW wide on specific request.

We provide valuations and property reports for all clients including private property owners, investors, business owners, legal and accountancy firms, surveyors and Government departments.

We are qualified in expert evidence for legal matters requiring a single party reports or the services of an expert witness in litigation, family law and probate matters with over 30 years of experience to draw on.

We are active Associate Members of the governing body the A.P.I (Australian Property Institute) and bound by a strict code of ethics.

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Tel: (02) 9999 6582

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