At Quadrant we have been valuing hotels and motels for over 20 years. If you are thinking of buying or selling your hotel or motel, regardless of Freehold or Leasehold, without an independent valuation you are taking a very large risk relying on provided figures or an assessment not requested by you as the client.

Hotel and Motel Valuers.


As these investments are running concerns, they are heavily weighted towards Profit and Loss Statements, based on income and expenses.
Most, if not all of these running concerns are aware of this and in the lead up to placing one on the open market they may well run on a shoe-string budget, making major changes such as reducing wages, maintenance and general running costs to inflate yields.
Quadrant can assess a concern and identify if and by how much figures may have been inflated by.

The importance of an independent valuation.

If you are financing any level of the purchase, your financial institution will perform an assessment/compliance report to cover their lending criteria, however these reports are often not released to the Borrower or Purchaser and offer little to no indication of value to any other party apart from the financial institution.

It has been highly publicised recently the losses suffered by purchasers who have purchased running concerns only to find themselves unable to achieve returns without having all family members on deck working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week at well below minimum wages.

At a relatively low cost you could have an independent valuation conducted to give you peace of mind on any sale or purchase. A specialised valuation will not only inform you of the Valuers opinion based on their interpretation of the P & L, current state of the market and area, as well as valuable sales and leasing information of similar concerns, all of which can be used and or interpreted by you, placing you in far more informed position, pre-sale or pre–purchase valuation.


Our licensed property valuers provide completely independent real estate valuations and assessments for all situations and property types including residentialcommercialindustrial, retail, accommodation, healthcare, and childcare. We offer easy-to-read and interpret valuation and assessment formats tailored to the client’s individual needs. Our Sydney valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute (API valuers) and are bound by a strict code of ethics.  We service all Sydney suburbs and throughout NSW.