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    Example: 21 New Street, Lane Cove. Sold 01/01/1988. Price $300,000. Two storey, four bedroom brick home with a tile roof about 50 years old. 500sqm block of land (approx).

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    Quadrants Terms and Conditions of Trade – (As read and agreed by you upon original request)
    I understand the opinions expressed by Quadrant’s valuer, are of an independent nature, based on research, evidence and the inspecting valuer’s interpretations of this information, and I have requested their independent services for that reason.
    The Client(s) acknowledge and accepts:
    They are engaging Quadrant to provide an independent opinion of value, based on information provided by the client, reasonably accessible registered sales information and the inspector’s independent interpretation of such information, all of which may result or differ from another opinion or another’s interpretations of such readily available information.
    (a) Valuation purpose: Quadrant has standard reports specifically designed for the specific purpose, based on their use and additional required inclusions, to meet Quadrant's and the relevant parties disclosed requirements.
    (b) Client’s estimated market value:
    1. A client’s estimated market value is designed to establish a range which will enable the Valuer to source the appropriate sales evidence to be reviewed pre, upon or post inspection, along with placing the Valuer in a position to address any issues, problems, dissatisfaction or expectations the client may hold pre report completion, all of which is with regard to avoiding complications due to non-disclosure of opinions and such supporting evidence, often referred to as the hit and hope factor or outcome fishing.
    2. Preference not to disclose or complete uncertainty to a range is understandable, however Quadrant cannot be expected to address issues, opinions or evidence where information has been withheld or established post completion. Where a differing opinion is held and initial payment has been made, Quadrant reserves the right to address such issues on its merits at Quadrants discretion with further regard to additional time and cost factors which may apply.
    (c) Terms of Trade:
    1. Quadrant has a standard fee structure based on general standard instructions, specifically cost and time factors, not outcomes. Quadrant's work ceases upon report completion. Quadrant will not engage in debate post completion. Our independent opinion is not a negotiation.
    2. Payment collection procedures: The client acknowledges and accepts Quadrant’s collection procedures are subject to EC Credit Controls Terms and Conditions of Trade outlined at the bottom of our website under: Terms of Trade.